True Love Is…

True Love Is…

True love is


The warmth you feel inside

When you say those three words

And they always respond with the same words no matter what


True love is


The loneliness you feel

When they are not near

And you cannot bear waiting to see them again


True love is


The agreements you come to

When arguments finally fizzle out

And you must agree on something


True love is


The knowledge that someone will support you

When all else is falling apart

And you would do the same for them


True love is


The hard choices you must make

When you know one decision is selfless and will help them

And the other is selfish and will harm them


True love is


The giddiness you feel

When you are spending time with them

And you could not feel any better


My Love, I Beckon Thee

My Love, I Beckon Thee

Where are you,

My love

I beckon thee

I call thine name into the night

Yet thou do not respond

I hear thou,

My sweet

In these days of cold and darkness

I crave the warmth only thy touch can provide

I seek thy comforting words

In these days of cold and darkness

Know that I love thou

Always and forever

And let that thought warm thine soul

Come to me,

My love

This is too terrible a time

To be alone

I shall do my best,

My sweet

Thou may never know

How it consumes my soul

To know thou art alone

It has been many a year

Since we lay in each other’s arms

So long ago

We were warm and safe

Those days of yore

Were peaceful

I wish every night

That those days shall come again


There are only wintry winds

And horrifying shadows

To keep me company

I pray that thou

Shall not fear the night

Though piercing winds blow

And the moon plays with the dark

My love,

I beckon thee

Please come home

Hear my song

Let it guide thou back

To me

My sweet

I follow thy song

As best I can

But the wind carries thy voice away

The road is treacherous

The journey is long


My love

Do not leave me alone

I shall find my way back to thou

My sweet

If it is the last thing I do

My love

I beckon

And I beckon

I sing

And I sing

I call

And I call

Yet I hear no response

I am still alone

My sweet

I hear thy song

I am making my way home

Worry not

I shall be there soon

My love

I am sorry


I am almost to thee

Hear my song

I beckon thee now

My sweet

Hold on

My love

I am sorry

I cannot bear to be without thee

Any longer

My sweet

I have awakened

Where art thou

My sweet


My heart

I heard thy song

I fought through the deep slumber

Did thou not have faith I would come back to thou

I shall join you now

My sweet

My love

Thou heard my song

Nothing shall hurt us now


My sweet

We have left the pain of the world behind

My Friends

My Friends

This friend

Daily sees a side of me

Most only glimpse from time to time

They see it

Because they go along with it

We make silly faces
And do silly things

Without question

My friend

Is slowly making me more comfortable

With showing my goofy side

You know who you are

Thank you for being you


This friend

Has given me things

I never thought possible

They give me confidence

Through little comments, looks, touches

And a love unlike any other

A love I never thought I would find

My friend

Is helping me feel more at ease with myself

Inside and out


This friend

Is an unchanging part of my life

Always steady

Except when exploding

They are always ready to listen

And are always ready to nerd out

For years

They have been there

My friend

Is a best friend

That can never be replaced

You know who you are

Thank you for being you


This friend

Is a great friend

That’s all there is to it

They are funny, smart, a good listener, kind

But most importantly

They are so much more selfless than most people our age

My friend

Is another irreplaceable best friend

The kind everyone should have

You know who you are

Thank you for being you


These friends

Are all amazing people

That I don’t deserve to have

They are all too awesome

My friends

Are all helping me become a woman I never thought but always hoped I would become

You all know who you are

Thank you for being you

Inside My Mind

Inside My Mind

Thoughts like waves

Frothing forwards

Sloshing backwards

Making coherent thoughts

That break into abstract emotions

Images darting to and fro

Like tiny fish

They form beautiful schools

And wonderful pictures

In the end

It all ends up

In the midnight zone

And below

Never to be seen or heard again

Just Because I Am Poem

Just Because I Am (11/3/15)

Just because I’m Mexican

Doesn’t mean I speak Spanish fluently

But I am proud of my heritage

Just because I’m a cat person

Doesn’t mean I don’t love dogs too

But I do prefer kitty snuggles

Just because I’m quiet

Doesn’t mean I don’t want or like to talk

But I don’t pollute the air with meaningless words

Just because I have a resting mean face

Doesn’t mean I’m not friendly

But I would prefer if you came up to me first

Just because I am a Southern Baptist Christian

Doesn’t mean I’m arrogant or hateful

But I will stand firm in my faith and beliefs

Just because I’m poor

Doesn’t mean I’m not happy

But I must admit I don’t like seeing my parents stress about money

Just because I’m a positive person

Doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days

But while I don’t focus on the bad things, I don’t forget them either

Just because I’m a goody-two-shoes

Doesn’t mean I follow all the rules

But let’s keep that on the down low

Just because I’m calm

Doesn’t mean there’s never a war being waged within me

But I don’t like to show it

Just because I’m an introvert and like being alone

Doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely

But I do prefer a cat’s company to a person’s

Just because I’m a dork

Doesn’t mean I don’t care what others think of me

But I don’t let what people say get to me

Just because you’ve read this poem

Doesn’t mean you know everything about me

But you are one step closer

I am From Poem

I Am From (10/30/15)

I am from a wooden swing set

In Nana’s backyard

Singing little songs and squealing “Higher, higher!”

I am from cats

Cats everywhere

Cats at home, cats at Nana’s, cats at Grandma’s

Small cats and big cats, nice cats and crazy cats

I am from strange sayings

“Not! Without! Kitty!” as our battle cry

“I don’t see no lettuce” when something cannot be found

“Grounded!” A chant echoed by everyone when one person gets in trouble

And so many more

I am from warm, home cooked meals

My favorite is Daddy’s stew

Made only once every winter, if that

I am from the smell of cats and books and food

In Grandma’s library

I spent my afternoons with my nose in a book and a cat on my lap

Both of us waiting for the food cooking in the kitchen to be done

I am from Hyde Park Baptist church

Where my mother used to work

Let me tell you,

Being the director’s daughter gets you respect

My Blazon

My Blazon (10/28/15)

Hair as soft and poofy as a dandelion

Eyes as gentle and kind as a fawn

Soul as strong and positive as a flower blooming in the snow

Fingers as long and thin as a willow tree’s branches

Hips as wide as firm as an oak

Poems as strange and dark as the ocean’s depths

Emotions as strong wild as a tiger

Mind as unique bright as light itself

I am all of mother nature

And so much more

You are the sky

And I am the earth