I am From Poem

I Am From (10/30/15)

I am from a wooden swing set

In Nana’s backyard

Singing little songs and squealing “Higher, higher!”

I am from cats

Cats everywhere

Cats at home, cats at Nana’s, cats at Grandma’s

Small cats and big cats, nice cats and crazy cats

I am from strange sayings

“Not! Without! Kitty!” as our battle cry

“I don’t see no lettuce” when something cannot be found

“Grounded!” A chant echoed by everyone when one person gets in trouble

And so many more

I am from warm, home cooked meals

My favorite is Daddy’s stew

Made only once every winter, if that

I am from the smell of cats and books and food

In Grandma’s library

I spent my afternoons with my nose in a book and a cat on my lap

Both of us waiting for the food cooking in the kitchen to be done

I am from Hyde Park Baptist church

Where my mother used to work

Let me tell you,

Being the director’s daughter gets you respect


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