My Love, I Beckon Thee

My Love, I Beckon Thee

Where are you,

My love

I beckon thee

I call thine name into the night

Yet thou do not respond

I hear thou,

My sweet

In these days of cold and darkness

I crave the warmth only thy touch can provide

I seek thy comforting words

In these days of cold and darkness

Know that I love thou

Always and forever

And let that thought warm thine soul

Come to me,

My love

This is too terrible a time

To be alone

I shall do my best,

My sweet

Thou may never know

How it consumes my soul

To know thou art alone

It has been many a year

Since we lay in each other’s arms

So long ago

We were warm and safe

Those days of yore

Were peaceful

I wish every night

That those days shall come again


There are only wintry winds

And horrifying shadows

To keep me company

I pray that thou

Shall not fear the night

Though piercing winds blow

And the moon plays with the dark

My love,

I beckon thee

Please come home

Hear my song

Let it guide thou back

To me

My sweet

I follow thy song

As best I can

But the wind carries thy voice away

The road is treacherous

The journey is long


My love

Do not leave me alone

I shall find my way back to thou

My sweet

If it is the last thing I do

My love

I beckon

And I beckon

I sing

And I sing

I call

And I call

Yet I hear no response

I am still alone

My sweet

I hear thy song

I am making my way home

Worry not

I shall be there soon

My love

I am sorry


I am almost to thee

Hear my song

I beckon thee now

My sweet

Hold on

My love

I am sorry

I cannot bear to be without thee

Any longer

My sweet

I have awakened

Where art thou

My sweet


My heart

I heard thy song

I fought through the deep slumber

Did thou not have faith I would come back to thou

I shall join you now

My sweet

My love

Thou heard my song

Nothing shall hurt us now


My sweet

We have left the pain of the world behind


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