“Eyes” A Poem

Brown eyes of mine

Blue eyes of yours

Bright eyes of our past

Dull eyes of our future

Soft eyes of affection

Hard eyes of hate

Warm eyes of life

Cold eyes of death


Tearing up of sad eyes

Twitching of annoyed eyes

Glaring of angry eyes

Staring of curious eyes

Revealing of everyone’s eyes


There’s a cliche we all know

The eyes are the window to the soul

But do you know how true this?


We all wear masks

From time to time

To hide whatever is going on inside

But masks have holes for the eyes


No matter how real

That fake smile is

No matter how convincing

That forced laugh is

We can all see right past it

Just by looking in the window

We can see the rage

We can see the pain

We can see the tears

We can see your soul


“Evil Inside Us”, A Poem

We all

Have a beast

Living within


A dark, dangerous demon

Some demons take control

Of their hosts


Making them dastardly, vile people

Bullies, abusive spouses, thieves, murderers


Other demons

Rear their ugly heads

Only once in a whle

Causing their hosts to think thoughts

And feel emotions

That they are not used to

Such as thoughts of bullying, revenge

Emotions such as jealousy, greed


We all have these demons

These beasts

This evil

Within us

And only we

Can control it

If it attacks daily

Or once a year

We must keep it under wraps

Not hidden

But defeated

Nobody needs to experience

What they make you think and do

“Search For Me” A Poem

Search for me

In depths

Of the sea


Search of me

In the blinding heat

Of desert


Search for me

In the cold air

Of the sky


Search for me

In the dancing grass

Of the plain


Search for me

In the flowing waters

Of the river


Search for me

In the delicate flowers

Of the meadow


Search for me

Everywhere you go

And you shall find me

Waiting at the end

“But Mostly Of Each Other”, A Poem


(girl)                                                               (both)                                                                                (boy)

Holding each other

Laying on our sides

She has one arm wrapped around me

Her other hand rests on my shoulder

His arms wrap around me

His hands pressed to my back

Let’s stay here


I gently hiss her

But she pulls away

With talk of the future

I have so many questions

When will we marry?

Where will we live?

How many kids do we want?

So many questions

I answer patiently

Stealing kisses

Here and there

And countering with my own questions

Is there anything we can’t do now

That you will want to try when we’re married?

I smile to myself

I can tell

He thinking “less talk, more kiss”

But talking like this is nice

I am happy

We both see us married

In the future

After college is what we decided

But can’t we plan later?

I finally give in

And shut up

I roll over

My back to his front

His arms hugging my waist

His face nestled in my neck

She leans into me

Her hands on mine

I drink in her scent

And we dream

Of now


Of the future

But mostly

Of each other

“I Am From (My Mother’s POV)” A Poem Written for Fall 2015 Creative Writing Final

I Am From (My Mother’s POV)


I am from a hectic household

Two parents, three children, cats

Never enough space or silence


I am from unloving parents

Who yelled and yelled

Cast out and never cared


I am from straight As

A ghetto, unchallenging school

Is no match for a natural genius


I am from poverty

Cheap, hand-me-down clothes

Never enough food or school supplies


I am from hard work

Earning money

For wanted nice clothes and books


I am from severe insecurity

Near physical death from anorexia

Near emotional death from feeling unloved


I am from moving on

Pushing forward

And letting go

“Memory Lawns” A Found Poem, Written During Creative Writing Fall 2015 Final

Memory Lawns



Are like lawns

Some are dusty, arid, dry

Unpleasant to look at

While others

Are lush and green

Full of flowers and beauty


The dusty, dry ones

Are as terrible as the Death Valley

These memories of hard times

Of dying loved ones and broken bones

Or final exams and broken hearts


The green, soft ones

Are as beautiful as the English countryside

These are memories of good times

Of birthdays and best friends

Or vacations and accomplishments


When memories are being made

One can usually tell how they will end up

Dusty and terrible or lush and beautiful


But sometimes

Dusty memories end up lush

And green memories end up brown


Someone’s love

Like a world class gardener

Can turn your horrible lawn

Into a lush garden


Someone’s hate

Like Wreck-It-Ralph

Can trample, uproot, destroy, burn

A lush garden

And turn it into a desert

“Fall For Me” A Poem

Fall For Me

I hope

That you fall for me



Deeper and deeper

Into this love

We share


I know I

Fall for you

Many times a day
Deeper and deeper

Into this love

We share
When I hear your voice

I fall

When I think of you

I fall

When I read your words

I fall

When I see your face

I fall

When I feel your hand in mine

I fall
Deeper and deeper

Into this love

We share
I can only hope

It is the same for you

Always falling

Only to be caught

By our love