“Memory Lawns” A Found Poem, Written During Creative Writing Fall 2015 Final

Memory Lawns



Are like lawns

Some are dusty, arid, dry

Unpleasant to look at

While others

Are lush and green

Full of flowers and beauty


The dusty, dry ones

Are as terrible as the Death Valley

These memories of hard times

Of dying loved ones and broken bones

Or final exams and broken hearts


The green, soft ones

Are as beautiful as the English countryside

These are memories of good times

Of birthdays and best friends

Or vacations and accomplishments


When memories are being made

One can usually tell how they will end up

Dusty and terrible or lush and beautiful


But sometimes

Dusty memories end up lush

And green memories end up brown


Someone’s love

Like a world class gardener

Can turn your horrible lawn

Into a lush garden


Someone’s hate

Like Wreck-It-Ralph

Can trample, uproot, destroy, burn

A lush garden

And turn it into a desert


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