“But Mostly Of Each Other”, A Poem


(girl)                                                               (both)                                                                                (boy)

Holding each other

Laying on our sides

She has one arm wrapped around me

Her other hand rests on my shoulder

His arms wrap around me

His hands pressed to my back

Let’s stay here


I gently hiss her

But she pulls away

With talk of the future

I have so many questions

When will we marry?

Where will we live?

How many kids do we want?

So many questions

I answer patiently

Stealing kisses

Here and there

And countering with my own questions

Is there anything we can’t do now

That you will want to try when we’re married?

I smile to myself

I can tell

He thinking “less talk, more kiss”

But talking like this is nice

I am happy

We both see us married

In the future

After college is what we decided

But can’t we plan later?

I finally give in

And shut up

I roll over

My back to his front

His arms hugging my waist

His face nestled in my neck

She leans into me

Her hands on mine

I drink in her scent

And we dream

Of now


Of the future

But mostly

Of each other


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