“Eyes” A Poem

Brown eyes of mine

Blue eyes of yours

Bright eyes of our past

Dull eyes of our future

Soft eyes of affection

Hard eyes of hate

Warm eyes of life

Cold eyes of death


Tearing up of sad eyes

Twitching of annoyed eyes

Glaring of angry eyes

Staring of curious eyes

Revealing of everyone’s eyes


There’s a cliche we all know

The eyes are the window to the soul

But do you know how true this?


We all wear masks

From time to time

To hide whatever is going on inside

But masks have holes for the eyes


No matter how real

That fake smile is

No matter how convincing

That forced laugh is

We can all see right past it

Just by looking in the window

We can see the rage

We can see the pain

We can see the tears

We can see your soul


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