“Beauty” A Poem



When I looked at my face

In the mirror

I saw something

I didn’t like


A nose that turned up too far

Plain, boring eyes

Teeth crooked enough for a witch

A much too big forehead

Big, ready pimples


But over time

I began to believe people

When they complimented me

When I looked to try and see what they saw

I found beauty


What did I do

When I was finally happy

With my own face?

I decided to wear makeup

My mama always said

Makeup is to enhance what you already got


And so

Every morning

I looked at my pretty face

And made it beautiful


But eventually

I began to look at my ugly face

And make it pretty


A nightmare

Come true

I never wanted

To rely on makeup and clothes

To feel beautiful

Because that isn’t true beauty


I’m not beautiful

Because my nose turns up

Or because it’s small and cute

But because I’m not ashamed to smell every book I get my hands on


I’m not beautiful

Because I have plain eyes

Or because I wear eyeshadow

But because my eyes reflect my kindness


I’m not beautiful

Because I had vampire fangs

Or because I’m straightening my teeth

But because I love to smile and laugh


I’m not beautiful

Because I have a big forehead

Or because I cover it up with bangs and beanies

But because I love to learn


I’m not beautiful

Because I have pimples

Or because I scrub them away

But because I am human


You are not beautiful

Because of what makeup and clothes you wear

Or because of what you look like at all

But because of who you are as a person


Beauty on the inside

Shines through to the outside

And if you can see the beauty in yourself

So can everyone else


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