“There Is” A Poem

There Is

There is a border of metal between the kingdoms

It is a railroad a few houses down


There is a mountain range waiting to be explored

It is an abandoned playground across the way


There is a labyrinth of caverns

It is a disconnected sewer pipe in the backyard


There is a quiet meadow hidden away

It is a patch of soft, green grass next to the house


There is a fiery demon in the dungeon

It is a metal furnace in the basement


There is a land of lost things

It is an old, dirty couch


There is a vast and stormy sea on the horizon

It is an empty fish tank in the living room


There is a magic mirror

It is a broken TV set


There is a maze-like library

It is  a stack of dusty books on the bedside table


There is a prince charming one day coming to the rescue

It is a shy, kind boy next door


There is a lost princess locked in a tower

It is a girl trapped by pain


There is a sorceress away on an expedition to find a magical cure

It is a mother fighting for custody


There is a cunning, violent dragon

It is a father prone to secret, drunken abuse


There is a mystical world waiting to be found

It is the reality we all live in



To see me read this poem, go to this link: https://youtu.be/hoqXQryA3oI


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