“Young Love”, A Poem

I wrote this poem after breaking up with my boyfriend.

Young Love

Oh, how sweet

How fleeting

As the little sparrow sings

And flies away

So goes the song

Of young love


Passionate, beautiful

Until the glimmer fades

And all that is left

Are two humans


Can you still hear the song?

When the sparrows voices

Fails and cracks

Is it still beautiful?


When the young drops off

Is it still love?


Young love

Helps flowers bloom beautifully

And trees grow strong

That is without a doubt true


But once all bloomed and grown

When what is left

Is nothing

That is when hearts are broken

Then mended and made stronger


But for now

The wound of young love

Is fresh, raw, stinging


Soon it will heal

In time all will move on


The sun still rises

The rain still falls

The wind still blows


One step, two step, three steps, forwards

Cherish those past steps

But keep making new ones

For that young love

Is gone


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