“Plain And Naked Before You” A Poem

Plain And Naked Before You

You trail your fingers down my spine

Slowly, carefully, gently

How many spines have these finger trailed

Before finally reaching me

I wonder


You single me out

Pull me away from the others

I whisper my name to you

As your eyes wander over me

I can tell

You are trying not to judge my outfit too harshly

You turn me around

Mutter a curse under your breath

I can only wonder why

You finger the edge of my outer layer

My protective coating not many others have

Another curse flies from your mouth


I jump away from you

And land flat on my back

You sigh and pick me up

You hold me close to your chest

And run


Away from the only place I’ve ever known

While not born there,

I had never before left my childhood home

Away from the familiar

Into the new world

The journey is a blur

The entire time

You hold me close to you

I can’t even get a good look around



It’s over

We arrive at what I assume to be

Your home

We sit down together

On your couch

You pull at my coat

My protective layer

I try to jump away

But you catch me

Then it’s gone

On the floor

Though thin

That layer protected me

I’m still in shock from that trauma

When you tear off my outfit

On the floor it lands next to my coat


Now I am bare before you

Plain and naked

Your gaze and fingers slide over me

You caress my rough, dark skin

I always hated it

I prefered wearing my colorful outfit

But you smile at me

You hold me firmly in your hands

You pry me apart

And read me like the open book I am


For what seems like hours

We sit like that

You gently caressing me

As I tell you my story


All too soon

Before my story is even one quarter done

You leave me

You set me aside

And leave

And I wait for you

To come back


For days that becomes our routine

In the mornings

Over a cup of coffee

I pour out my story

And you listen

Then you go to work

And I am left alone

With the cat

That likes to sit on me


A week passes

And my story is done

You nod

Wipe a tear away from your eye

And tell me you have new home for me

I am speechless

After I poured out my soul

The very essence of what makes me, me

You’re casting me out?


To my surprise

You don’t take me out the front door

But to another room

A room that looks like where I came from

You set me there

Amongst others who are also bare

And leave


Once a week

Like clockwork

You bring in another one

Someone stripped bare like me

Another one who told you their story

You welcome them to their new home

And leave

My heart breaks

The first few times

The pain of knowing

I am not special

Nearly rips me apart


From my perch on my shelf

Wedged between “To Kill A Mockingbird”

And “pretty girl-13”

I can see the entire Harry Potter series across the way

I can talk to “The Giver” through the hole above me

I learn to love my new home

In your library

As a book

I should have known this was my destiny

To be loved and read

Then put on a shelf

To wait for my next lover, my next reader

To pick me up

And hear my story



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