“Constant Companion”

Constant Companion

Ah, you’re back, I see

My constant companion

Back from holiday

Or whatever it was

I must admit

I did not miss you

While you were away

Oh, don’t cry

You have no right to cry

Let me explain myself

When you,

My constant companion,

Are away

I feel lighter

Things that should make me break

Merely make me flinch

I can smile

And dream of a bright future

But now

You’re here

Again assuming your role

As my constant companion

Bearing down on my chest

Whispering terribly lovely ideas in my ear

Squeezing tears out of my eyes

Reminding me of how truly alone I am

Constant companion

You really should go on holidays more often

I don’t know what this last one was for

All I know

Constant companion

Is that we are happier without each other

At least

I am without you

And I know

That we should probably

Break up

Just like I did

With him




Lose yourself

In the lights

In the music

In the people

In the dancing

In the beautiful dress


Enjoy yourself

As the lights flash

As the music pounds

As the people scream

As the dancing ebbs and flows

As the dress sparkles and twirls


Don’t worry

If the lights go out

If the music isn’t perfect

If the people step on toes

If the dancing is bad

If the dress has a twin


Don’t cry

When the lights blind

When the music reminds

When the people abandon

When the dancing ends

When the dress tears


Lose yourself at

Enjoy yourself at

Don’t worry at

Don’t cry at




Roses picked

             From a bush

                           Of a broken love

Are placed

             In a vase

                         Upon the window sill


They receive light

                        As the love

                                        Never did

They are nourished

                         As the love

                                    Never was

They will bloom

                       As the love

                                    Never will

My Little Sister’s Poem

This is not one of my poems, it’s my little sister’s. Her name is Davilyn and she is seven years old. Here is her poem:

I only want to be normal
I am not what you see,
I am not normal
All I want is to be normal
Can’t you see
Is normal what you see
I am not a princess
I am not royalty
I am just like other kids
I am me
I am just normal
The end

“The Mask Is Back”

The Mask Is Back

The mask

Is back


The smile that holds back the tears

The laugh that hides the hurt

The silence that seems perfectly content


The mask

Is back


The promise

To never use it again

Has been broken


The mask

Is back


There was no other choice

The tears must never fall

The hurt must never be known

The silence must stay silent


The mask

Is back

“Who Are You?” A Poem

Who Are You?

At first glance

Who are you?

I am a girl who wears a uniform that doesn’t fit quite right

I am a girl who has a mean face

I am a girl who never says anything


At second glance

Who are you?

I am a girl who wears her uniform with pride in what it represents

I am a girl who has no problem turning that frown upside down

I am a girl who never speaks without a purpose


At third glance

Who are you?

I am a girl wears cute and nerdy clothes on the weekends

I am a girl who has a special ability to smile at nearly anything

I am a girl who never keeps quiet about the things she loves


At fourth glance

Who are you?

I am a girl who wears clothes that make her happy, no matter what others may say

I am a girl who has a perfect smile to mask all the hurt that’s on the inside

I am a girl who never speaks of her problems for fear of burdening others



Go to this link to see me read and talk about this poem: https://youtu.be/xIrnmuQxLa0