I Am Reminded

I Am Reminded

To this song
I am Reminded
of the promise you made
To never leave

On makeup and clothes
I am reminded
of how beautiful
You made me feel

Through miles of nothing
I am reminded
of how I hated
The distance between us

at the blade in hand
I am reminded
of how you told me stop
Because I am enough

Parents with their children
I am reminded
Of how we always talked
About our future together

in bed alone
I am reminded
of how much it hurt
To say goodbye

In this journal
I am reminded
of how everything
Still reminds me of you


“The New Boy”

The New Boy

I love his hair

It looks so soft and attractive


I love his voice

So deep, so smooth


I love his smile

How it brightens the room


I love his eyes

They remind me of days past


And so does she

Her, the one who holds his heart