Silent Ways

Silent Ways

I closed my mouth

And spoke to you

In a hundred silent ways
A playful rub

On the head

To say “you’re cute”


A loving caress

On the face

To say “you’re beautiful”


A rough massage

On the neck

To say “relax”


A firm hand

On the shoulder

To say “hold on”


A gentle pat

On the back

To say “it’s okay”


A strong arm

Around the waist

To say “you’re mine”


A rythmic bump

On the hip

To say “let’s dance”


A frantic kick

On the leg

To say “shut up”


A dramatic tickling

On the feet

To say “let’s play”


A slow clipping

On the toenails

To say ‘I’ll do anything for you’
A fluttering kiss

On the body

To say “I love you”

Inspired by the quote: “I closed my mouth to speak to you in a hundred silent ways” – Rumi


And That Vow

And That Vow

(her)                                                                       (both)                                                                          (him)

I walked into the room

I looked around, feeling nothing, as always

I spun around, dazed by all the beautiful costumes

And the ladies that wore them

I didn’t want to be there.

Why must I attend every party?

I’d always wanted to go there

To one of those parties

As I walked around

I locked eyes with someone

Who would change my life


At first glance

I could tell she was an angel

More beautiful and perfect

Than any other

At first glance

I could tell he was a womanizer

More revolting and deceptive

Than any other

Pure emotion welled up



It has never been this strong before

If I felt hate for the others

Then this was pure loathing

If I felt love for the others

Then this was unparalleled passion

With the others

I had dealt with

It was more of a


I had been with

It was more of a


But this feeling made me swear

To kill him

To marry her

And that vow

Was broken

Go to this link to see me read this poem with a friend (video goes live 7/16/16):