Silent Ways

Silent Ways

I closed my mouth

And spoke to you

In a hundred silent ways
A playful rub

On the head

To say “you’re cute”


A loving caress

On the face

To say “you’re beautiful”


A rough massage

On the neck

To say “relax”


A firm hand

On the shoulder

To say “hold on”


A gentle pat

On the back

To say “it’s okay”


A strong arm

Around the waist

To say “you’re mine”


A rythmic bump

On the hip

To say “let’s dance”


A frantic kick

On the leg

To say “shut up”


A dramatic tickling

On the feet

To say “let’s play”


A slow clipping

On the toenails

To say ‘I’ll do anything for you’
A fluttering kiss

On the body

To say “I love you”

Inspired by the quote: “I closed my mouth to speak to you in a hundred silent ways” – Rumi


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