“Heavy Metal” / PoP 13

Heavy Metal


The remedy

You need

Is music


Not the soft,

Lovey dovey kind


Not the fast,

hip- hop kind


Nothing other than

Heavy metal


The guitar

Sews up the holes


The drums

Are pats on the back


The loud voices

Distract from the noise of life


And then

When you’ve calmed

You can pray to the One

Who can provide healing

That lasts longer than a song


“Abandoned” / PoP 11




Don’t leave me

On the curb

Where no one

Will give me

A second glance



Don’t abandon me

Just because

She wants you too



Do your best

To keep me close

And away

From the empty curb



Don’t leave me alone

And force me

To relive

Those years

Of pain

I wrote this poem back in seventh grade during the midst of drama. I had a friend, we’ll call her B, who was besties with a bully, M. M hurt B emotionally and physically. I was always there to help B get back up, but she always went back to M. When I wrote this poem, B had been spending a lot of time with M and I was afraid that she would leave me forever.

To hear/watch me talking about this and suicide awareness month, go to this video!

Bonus Post! / I Got Into College! / PoP 10

A Journey Through High School (9/3/16)

“This is not a drill!

High School is real

And it’s here!”

Says the little freshman

Scared yet excited

About the future ahead



AP classes are hard,

And I don’t know if I can handle it.”

Sighs the sophomore

Trying and failing

To balance a new workload


“You mean the ACT and SAT

Aren’t myths?”

Asks the junior

Flipping through her new

ACT practice book


“I got into college!

I can see the light,

And I’m afraid.”

Exclaims the senior

On the verge of a new chapter

Unlike any before

I got into Hardin-Simmons University yesterday, September 2nd! This is the earliest anyone from my school as been accepted into college. It was amazing when I saw my mom’s text with a  picture of the admissions letter and my entire biomed class crowded around me as I cried. It was actually kind of funny, my mom’s text just said “They got your name and address wrong.” So I look at the picture, thinking it’s some random college mail, and then I read the first line. It says “You got in!” I read it several times over and showed it to the girl sitting next to me to make sure I was reading it right. Then she stood up and yelled “Everyone shut up! Briahna just got into college!” I was crying and everyone crowded around me, saying congrats and asking where I got in. Then somebody said I should go tell the people at the college center, so Clio (the girl next to me) and I got up and started walking. A little ways down the hall, I hear voices. So I turn around, and I see my entire biomed class following me! We go to the college center and tell the receptionist, Ms. Rivera, that I just got into college and need to tell Mr. Heineman, the college advisor. By now he has seen us and is really worried that either we or he did something wrong. Ms. River just opens his door and says we need to tell him something. I say “I just got into Hardin-Simmons!” He gives me a high five and go to the office to make an announcement to the entire school. Then on my way to class everyone I passed (that knew me) was saying congrats. It was so amazing and something I’ll never forget.

To watch/listen to me talk about this, go check out this video!