Weight Loss Journey: Week 0

One of my New Year resolutions is to lose at least 25 lbs by my graduation on May 31st of this year. I have decided that I will document this journey right here, on this blog. Every Monday I will post my weight and talk about the past week. What worked, what didn’t work, any new discoveries or revelations I may have had.

Seeing as to how today is the very first day of my diet, I am going to write about my history with weight loss and why I am trying to lose a few pounds.

Today I am 168 pounds. In the past two years, my highest weight was 183 lbs and my lowest was 140 lbs. Mid spring of 2015, I was around 180 lbs. One morning I was thinking about a person I know who is very overweight and suffers a lot because of it, yet has never made a true effort to change their lifestyle and get healthy. I realized that I was well on my way to becoming just like them. So I decided to do something about my weight.

By late spring I had lost some weight, but had not made any major leaps or anything like that. And then I developed a crush on a boy at church. I began talking to him regularly and as our friendship grew into something more that summer, my body began to shrink.

What is interesting about this is that I was never losing weight for him. From the beginning he was always very loving and accepting, he always thought I was beautiful. He never pressured me to lose weight. Instead, he gave me the confidence I needed to say “I can do this, I can get healthy!” By that winter, I had lost 40 lbs. I loved the way I looked and felt, I loved my boyfriend, I loved God and was growing closer to Him as well.

Of course, all good things come to an end. In March of 2016, I had been maintaining around 145 for a while, and God had put it on my heart to break up with my boyfriend. I was making a conscious effort to put God first in my life at that point, so even though I still loved him, I broke up with my boyfriend.

For the rest of that spring and all of summer, I did not watch what I ate. By the time school started again I had gained back half of what I had lost the previous year. My mother and I tried to diet together in the fall, but in October God blessed us with a new house, and in the move my mother and I decided to hold off on our diet until January, after the move and after the holidays.

I am not trying to lose weight because I want to get another boyfriend or because I hate my body or myself for gaining the weight back. If I have learned anything in the past several months, it is that my body is a wonderful gift from God, and I should treat it well. We don’t through away gifts from our loved ones here on Earth, so why do we trash the amazing gift that God has given us? God doesn’t make mistakes, and He made each and every one of us. God is forever and always the most important thing in my life, so I want to treat my body as best as I can in order to honor Him.

140 lbs is the weight where I feel good, look good, and am not starving or depriving myself. That is when I am at my best.

My plan to get back to my best? The most important thing is the diet. I will be loosely following the doctor’s diet. The main point of that diet is to eat one lean protein and one complex carb at every meal, along with vegetables and some fruits. At school I will pick the best options, which in the mornings will be eggs on a whole wheat tortilla, and at lunch will be salad. At home I will eat whatever my mom has cooked for herself, since she is following the same diet. I will avoid sugar as much as humanly possible. That means no sugar in my daily life, but I will allow myself treats at special events. As for exercise, I will be exercising at least twice a week at school thanks to gym class. At home, I will be riding the bike I got for Christmas and playing Just Dance.

Now it is time. My mom and I have recruited my uncle to go on this journey with us. Every Monday we will take a picture of our weight on the scale and send it to each other. We will hold each other accountable and support each other. That is also the reason why I am posting my weight on Snapchat and blogging about it. I want to hold myself accountable and tell others about my journey.


Morning Weight 1/2/2017

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