Weight Loss Journey Week 2

1/16/17                Gained 0.8 lbs    Total Net Loss: 1.8 lbs

I started the week with the intention of writing this blog post about not depriving yourself and allowing yourself to have the food you want to eat sometimes. After today’s weigh in, I have another point that I would like to talk about: Portion control.

First lets discuss the importance of not denying yourself good food. When you are dieting, you will be tempted to cheat and eat sugary and/or fatty foods. We have all experienced the cravings, the ‘just one bite…’ thoughts. Know what you should do when this happens? Let yourself have the one bite!

Imagine you have not allowed yourself any treats your entire diet. Unless you have a will and determination of titanium, chances are you have struggled every single day to stay on the right path and always eat right. Then, one day, SNAP and the entire cake is in your belly. Your stomach gurgles  and churns. It hasn’t had to handle this much food or sugar at once in so long. You’re now going to spend the rest of the day feeling uncomfortable and wishing you hadn’t given in.

Now let’s imagine you have let yourself eat small treats here and there. Most days fresh fruit or sugar free candy is your dessert, but once a week you let yourself have a cheat meal where you eat whatever you want. Dieting this way does two things. First, it allows you to stay happier and be better motivated. You know you’ll be able to eat some ice cream or a big bowl of pasta later in the week, so eating good today isn’t so hard. Second, cheat meals confuse your body. Your body adjusts to eating healthy, so when you eat bad it’s like “What is this?! What is going on?! Ahhhh!!” and you might lose a little extra weight. But if you do it wrong, you’ll end up gaining some weight back, just like I did this past week.

Just like in Week 1, everything was good until Friday came around. Friday night my grandmother and I had dinner and saw a movie. We ate at Olive Garden, where I had four cheese ravioli with marinara sauce. Instead of saving half of the plate to have another day, like I usually do, I ate the entire meal. That was strike number one. With cheat meals you still have to remember to not eat too much. That can mean not getting seconds or putting half of your restaurant meal in a to-go box. Strike two was downing four zeppoli – italian doughnuts. Having dessert would have been fine if I hadn’t eaten all the ravioli. After that we saw Hidden Figures, which was an amazing movie that I will soon be writing a review for. And that was Friday. One cheat meal that would not have affected me too negatively.

On Saturday, I won the 2017 MLK Youth Legacy Daughters of Charity Humanitarian and Spirit award. It was my first scholarship, so my parents and I decided to celebrate. We went to the only italian restaurant in Kyle, Texas: Ilario’s. I made the same mistake that I made the day before. I ate my entire plate of tortellini and had a scoop of Baskin Robin’s on the way home.

Because I had two big cheat meals, I gained 0.8 pounds. What I should have done is choose a healthier dish on Friday and saved half of both of the meals to eat another time. If I had done that, maybe I would have maintained last week’s weight instead of gaining almost a pound.

So this week’s lesson? Let yourself have cheat meals, but be sure to still watch your portions!


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