Weight Loss Journey Week 3: Exercise

Weight: 166.4. Gained: .2 lbs. Total Net Loss: 1.6 lbs

Today I would like to talk about exercise. While the best way to lose weight is through a healthy diet, exercise is very beneficial to the entire well being of a person. I speak from experience.

I’m one the many people who hates to exercise. It hurts during and after, and makes me feel gross all over. When I compare how I’m doing to how everyone else is doing, I feel gross on the inside too. Yet I still look forwards to gym class every year. I love seeing how I’ve improved over the semester, and I love how good I feel after working out. I’ve also found that my mental health improves a lot when I’m working out regularly as well.

All of the positive things I’ve experienced from working out are experienced by everyone who works out. Regular exercise is great for your metabolism, your general physical health, your mental health. While I good cite plenty of studies to prove this information, I would instead like to direct you to the YouTube channel 100 Days.

This channel is John Green and his best friend Chris living a healthy lifestyle for 100 days. They are exercising every day, meditating, and eating healthy. John Green can attest to the fact that exercise does wonders for mental health. He suffers from OCD, anxiety disorder, and depression. Since starting 100 Days, he says his mental health has improved drastically.

Just as John and Chris are tracking their exercise progress, I’m tracking my progress as well, thanks to the Fitnessgram.

Pacer: 25

Push Ups: 7

Curl Ups: 26

That was the only part of the FitnessGram we did this past week. I would like to note that these are the best numbers that I’ve ever gotten. Impressive to me, but also confusing. How could I have gotten 25 on the pacer when I’ve never gotten more than 23 at the end of the semester? That thanks goes to my bike.

For Christmas, every member of my family got a bike, except me. I didn’t know how to ride a bike, and wasn’t sure if I would have time to learn. On Christmas day, we went out front to try our new bikes. We were all outside, except for my brother, so I tried his bike. Three days later, I had learned how to ride, and I rode every day until school started again. I ended up buying my brother a slightly smaller bike so he could try to learn to ride while I rode my bike. Now that school has started I can only ride my bike on the weekends, but a full week of riding every day still helped me a lot.

Moral of this wandering post is that exercise can be and is very beneficial in many facets of life.


-UPDATE – Jan 24 2017 –

I ran a mile today in 11 mins and 33 seconds. The couch recognized me in front of the class, used me as an example for much benefit comes from exercising regularly, even if it’s just something like biking.


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