Davilyn’s Birthday and No Shampoo

Today was my little sister’s eighth birthday. Davilyn Mikayla Star DeAnda was born January 26, 2009. I was in the fourth grade at Pillow Elementary. I was nine years old. Our mama had been laid off from work the day before. She went into labour that evening from the stress. Mama went to the hospital while I was school. She called in and Mrs. Garcia, my fourth grade teacher, told me my mom was headed to the hospital. I was very happy and prayed that Mama would be okay. Nana, my maternal grandmother, picked me up after school. At the hospital I waited in a waiting room with my uncle Bubba and my brother Jayden, who was just 5 at the time. We watched Animal Planet on the TV. There was no remote, but Bubba is very tall and was able to reach the buttons on the side of the TV. We were in that room until about 8pm, an hour after Davilyn had been born. She was born sunny side up, meaning she came out face first instead of crown first. That was the first indication of her personality. Her head was purple and swollen and she cried if anyone touched her head. I got to hold her and was told to NOT touch her head. I, of course, did not follow that order. When no one was looking, I touched the band of her hospital beanie very softly. She opened her eyes to look at me. She was looking around very early for a newborn. Another hint at her personality. Davilyn has always been curious and ahead of the curve. She held her head up early, she sat up early, she crawled early, she walked early. Today she is the smartest in her class, as well as the tallest. Today we had pizza and cake to celebrate her birthday. Tomorrow our parents will be taking her to Dairy Queen to celebrate. On Saturday we’ll have a party with the family at GattiTown. It’ll be fun!

On a completely different note, I’ve decided to try and not use shampoo. I’ve read a few articles about people who stop using shampoo and the wonders it does for their hair. For a while I thought “I want to be the kind of person who doesn’t use shampoo and does wash with goats milk soap.” I forgot to shower the other day and actually liked the way my hair was, and didn’t like it after I showered. Today I thought “Hmm, what if I just stopped using shampoo today..” and was still debating in the shower if I should do more research, but finally was like ‘ah what the hell’ and rinsed my hair really good. I won’t be going cold turkey, but I will be going longer between shampoos. We’ll see how my hair reacts and I’ll do more research into what other people do. I’ll keep y’all updated on how it’s going!


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