Weight Loss Journey Week 5: Sal-ad

Image result for spongebob salad

On Saturday, February 4, I weighed 165.8 lbs. After Family Fun Day and Super Bowl Sunday, I weighed 167.4 lbs. What made me gain over the weekend is my old love for sweets and queso. But how did I lose a pound before cheating so bad? Why, my new found love for salad, of course!

In years past, I was pretty much indifferent to salad. Probably wouldn’t ask for it, but also wouldn’t automatically say no if offered a bowl. Last week, I decided to take a risk and get a pre-made bowl of salad in the school lunch line.

In the past I never tried one because I thought they would cost extra. But they don’t, so I got salads for a few days. House salad one day, pasta salad another, then chicken salad.

Then they had a peeta and humus looking thing, but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, so I got spaghetti instead. And I was sad. I ate the meatballs and a few bites of the pasta, and then I didn’t want any more.

That really surprised me. I love pasta! Why didn’t I want to finish my oodles of noodles? Because I wanted salad, that’s why!

Salad filled me up and the WWPP came from the toppings, so it was never more than 5 points for a lot of salad. And I felt good after eating the salad, better than I do after eating pasta or a lot of carbs. For example, today my family went to Cici’s Pizza for dinner to celebrate my senior speech (go here for that post).

Quick side note – my parents asked me what food I wanted at my speech the other day. We would have no time to actually go somewhere afterwards, so instead they wanted to bring me a little something, like a muffin. Know what I said I wanted? That’s right, salad! They got me a salad from HEB to have for lunch. Buuut I forgot it at home, so it’ll have to be my lunch for tomorrow. Okay, back to the Cici’s story!

I got a plate of salad along with my Cici’s pizza and pasta. I was happy. That is, until I started feeling gross and tired from the carbs. Then I found myself thinking “Man, I should have had more salad.”

This new found love for greens will definitely help me as I continue on my weight loss journey, because eating salads won’t be a chore. I will admit that picking out the purple onions in the pre-made salads at school is not fun, but that won’t deter me!


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