Weight Loss Journey Week 7: Partner Workouts

Weight: 154.4

I did take the measurements I promised I would start doing last week, but I’m doing this post on my phone so I can’t insert the table. Next week, however, I will have the chart! Now onto this weeks topic.

Partner Workouts are extremely underrated. I’m honestly not sure how it goes down in the ‘real world,’ but in highschool most students don’t look forward to partner workout days. At my school, partner Workouts means finding a person you don’t despise and splitting 100 jumping jacks between you, then 90 squats then 80 something else all the way down to 10. Depending on how you split up the numbers and who you’re with, this can be either fun or really terrible, especially for introverts such as myself.

From ninth to eleventh grade, I didn’t really talk to people outside of my extremely small circle of two friends. So if neither of them were in my gym class, or if they partnered with each other, I had to partner with the other person who couldn’t find someone. That always made for an awkward class, as I was really shy and always nervous around people I wasn’t familiar with. This year, however, things have started to change.

Outside of gym, I’ve expanded my social circle way past just two other people. That means that in gym, partnering up is a lot less awkward. As a result, I’ve come to realize how underrated partner workouts are.

Instead of being super bummed out when I’m not with my one friend, I make an effort to be friendly with other people. I do still have one go-to partner, but I really try not to cling to her. I’ve partnered with a girl that I haven’t talked to since seventh grade. I’ve partnered with someone I’ve never really talked to. I really enjoyed both of those experiences. Working out together was a chance to bond in a unique way. Instead of just talking about meaningless topics, we support each other through the pain. We learn what kind of support helps the other person the most. We learn about their physical strengths and weaknesses. We both learn how much farther we can push ourselves with support. That is why working out with a partner should get more love than it does.

When you workout with someone else, whether it’s a workout for two people or not, you both do so much better than you would on your own. With someone by your side, you are held more accountable. You are pushed to do just one more, just a little farther. You are creating a bond with someone that you can’t create in any other circumstance.

How can I speak so confidently about this? Well, because I know from experience.


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