Weight Loss Journey Week 8: General Update

Weight: 165.2

Heyo! I am very sorry for being so late with this post, it has been a crazy past few days. As a result, I didn’t really have anything planned for this week’s post, so I’m just going to give a general update.

Last week I met with my gym teacher. She told the class that if we wanted help with anything health wise she would like to meet with us, so I told her I wanted help losing weight and getting healthier and we set a time to meet. Before the meeting, however, she had me track everything I ate for a few days. Here are the records of that:

6:20 am Dannon Light And Fit Greek Yogurt, Strawberry Cheesecake flavor (2 WWPP)
8:37 am School breakfast sausage link (2), corn muffin (2), apple sauce (1)
20 min walk around track
1:00 pm School lunch cooked veggie salad (0), pear (0)
3:27 pm Lofthouse Sugar Cookie  (4)
3:40 pm Dove Milk Chocolate With Caramel, 1 Piece (1)
5:45 pm 1 slice of pizza, 3 pizza crusts
5:50 pm Spoon of sugar free cool whip
6:00 pm Two Girl Scout Lemonades

7:45 am Dannon Light And Fit Greek yogurt, Strawberry Cheesecake flavor
7:50 am Peanut butter crackers
~45 Min bike ride
2.5 hours laundry and yard work
12:37 pm Cup of lemonade, one crousaunt, one mild cheddar slice, one provolones, five black forest ham slices
12:47 pm pretzels and raisins
12:54 Half cup of banana milk
1:43 pm Sugar cookie
1:47 lick of chocolate icing
1:51 2 sugar cookies with chocolate icing and M&Ms
15 min walk
5:22 pm 1/4 Lipton Diet Green Tea, 2 Cups salad (ice berg lettuce, spinach, 2 tbsp Shredded cheese), Dannon Light And Fit Greek yogurt Toasted coconut, Gogo Squeez apple peach, HEB Organic frogeez
15 min walk
6:40 pm One mini brownie with mini M&Ms

7:42 am Dannon Light And Fit Greek strawberry Cheesecake yogurt, peanut butter crackers
WORKOUT about 30 mins (50 squats, 30 butterfly situps, 7 wide pushups, 8 close pushups, 60 bike crunches – 3 rounds. 100 jumping jacks.)
9:27 am 2 eggs, 2 smoked peppered turkey slices, 2ish tbsp cheese, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 toast with margarine, 1 Cup milk
10:15 am 2 mini powdered donuts
1:44pm 2 logans rolls, one loaded potato skin, one mozzarella stick
1:56 pm Salad (lettuce, cheese, tomato, cucumber, croutons)
2:00 pm baby roll
2:07 pm baby roll and big roll
2:10 Grilled chicken, rice pilaf, Mashed taters with white gravy
4:29 pm Royal Reeces brownie blizzard
6:40 pm Salad  (iceberg lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes
8:10 pm M&M cookie crumbs

7:17 am Applesauce, peanut butter crackers
30 min workout (squats, push ups (half wide, half close), lunges,  tricep curls, chin ups. 20 each, then 18, then 16, etc)
9:17 am One chia and hemp cinnamon raisin waffle
9:24 am a few raisins
9:27 am another waffle
9:33 am 2 Slices smoked peppered turkey
9:41am another waffle
10:15 am fruit loop waffle
10:45 One sweet tart
12:00 Salad (lettuce, spinach, tomato)
1:31 6 cheeto puffs
1:35 one mini M&M
2:00 pm logans roll and chicken tender remains
5:00 pm Grilled chicken salad and a few potato wedges
8:00 pm Two mini powdered donuts
8:10 pm fruit loops doughnut

6:17 am two cherry tomatoes
7:25 am chik fil a Grilled egg and cheese muffin
~30mins walking
12:50 am half a sandwich  (ham, lettuce, tomato, mustard, 1/4 of bun), apple sauce, Cheesestick, cheddar frogeez
6:00 pm cheetos, chicken lo mein, two fortune cookies, 3 or 4 mini powdered donuts, homemade M&M blizzard
~10 min bike ride

And that was the end. Before I go any further, I would like to point out this was NOT a normal weekend. It was a family fun weekend, and I was not about to deprive myself during a family fun weekend. I was also not counting Weight Watchers Points anymore. I was finding that I wasn’t really losing weight doing the points. The fact that I wasn’t really watching my sugar intake probably had something to do with it, but I still wanted to try something different. So I got the MyNetDiary app.

I downloaded the app the night before I talked to my coach. During our conversation, she brought up things like a calorie deficit and counting carbs. Things that this app tracks for me. Coach was really impressed with this app. Everything she wanted me to do this app did. Today was the fourth full day of using this app, and I really like it. It has a huge food database, but it is also very easy to input my own foods. It tells me how much fat, carbs, and protein I should be getting and it tracks it. It also tells me how much weight I’ll lose in a week if I keep doing what I’m doing, and how many calories I should get in a day to lose the amount I want by the date I want. This app told me that getting to 140 by May 31st is actually not the healthiest option at this point, and I had to adjust it to a more healthy goal. Now I want to be 145 lbs by June 9th, my birthday.

So far I’ve only lost a few ounces, but I’ve also only used this app for a few days. Next week I’ll be able to give a better review of how it’s going.


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