Weight Loss Journey Week 9: WWPP App Vs Counting Calories App

Weight: 162.8 lbs

Total Net Loss: 5.2 lbs

Today I would like to compare the Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator app and MyNetDiary app.

In the past, using the WWPP Calculator helped me lost a bit of weight. I don’t remember exactly how much, but it was enough to say that it was a success. I started using it again this year, and only lost 2 pounds in just as many months.

First – what is the WWPP Calculator? It is a free app, though there is a paid version. In the app you put in your age, weight, height, and gender and it will tell you how many points you should get in a day. You can also manually enter the number of points you want. I always did 30 points, since that gave me 10 points a meal. To log your points you have three options. One, enter the fat, carbs, fiber and protein content of one serving of your food, and it will give you the points. Then you put the name of the food and add it to your food list. In your food list you can log foods that you have already entered, but the free version only saves a certain number of foods in your list. You can also just enter the name and point value of a food if you already know the value. When I use this app, I keep a note on my phone that has all of my foods with point values.

I liked this app, it was easy to use. But it didn’t really motivate me at all. Some days I would just say ‘screw it’ and not log my food for the rest of the day. On those days I almost always ate bad. But, with the MyNetDiary app, I’ve had more good days than bad.

I found this app while doing research about counting calories a few weeks ago. I downloaded it and fell in love. This app is so easy to use and the free version has so many amazing features.

You start by putting in your height, weight, age, gender, the weight you want to be, and the date you want to be that weight by. The app then tells you how many calories a day you need to have to meet that goal. But, if you try to put in something that you hurt you, like losing ten pounds in a week or twenty five pounds in three months, it automatically changes your goal date. I was so confused by this at first. How come it changes my 25 lbs by May 31st to 25 lbs by June or July (I can’t remember the exact date it set)? Finally I saw where it told me that trying to lose that much in that time would put me in a bad spot. You see, everyone burns a certain number of calories every day. This is called your Basic Metabolic Rate, or BMR. The average BMR for women is 1,493 calories and for men it is 1,662. If you get less than your BMR, you are not getting enough calories to sustain your day to day living. That is not good for losing weight (and keeping it off) and for living in general. It also tells you recommended goals for fat, carb, and protein intake. Once you have your daily allowances settled, you log your meals. What I love about MyNetDiary is that it already has a HUGE food database for you to use, and it saves all of the foods that you add to it. It also gives you a wide variety of health and exercise tips on your dashboard, as well as a bar graph of how you’ve done the previous days.

I have lost 3 pounds in one week just by counting calories with this app. It is so easy to use and it gives me tips and feedback that are really useful. If you are trying to manage your weight, I highly recommend using MyNetDiary.


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