About Me

My name is Briahna K. DeAnda. I am a senior at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, this fall I will start attending Concordia University Texas.

This blog was originally for my 11th grade Creative Writing class, but now it is where I post my writing every week. I’m posting my writing so I will have a collection of memories that I can go back and look at. I do not have the best memory, so I feel it is important for me to have a sort of virtual diary or memory box where I collect memories and experiences, as well as poems and stories.

I love to read and write fiction and poetry. I read all kinds of fiction, from horror to fantasy to Christian fiction. I do not have one set genre that I write in yet. I am, however, currently writing a story about a girl who blames herself for her little sister’s death.

When it comes to poetry, I mostly write about whatever is going on in my life or in my mind.

Fun facts time! My favorite color is red, sometimes blue, but never both together. I am a cat person, but I do like dogs as well. My favorite food is pasta. I like to knit. I am a devoted Christian. I like to sing. I absolutely despise cussing.

If you want to see some of my academic work, follow the blog I have for my 11th grade AP English class – 11yearsofreading.wordpress.com

You can also find me on social media!

Instagram: Whilloh7154

Snapchat: Whilloh

Twitter: DaughterofGod99

Tumblr: Whilloh7154


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