Weight Loss Journey Week 13: General Update

Weight: 162.8

Once again, I have failed to actually plan what to write. I’ve been more focused on my new creative writing blog that I’m doing with my friend Judi over at jaboutofcontext.wordpress.com On our blog, we give each other sentences out of context that we’ve heard or read in our life and write a piece that uses that sentence. Judi posts on Mondays, and I post on Thursdays. We give the other person their sentence after we make our post. I’ve been more focused on writing for that blog recently.

Anyway, on to a general weight loss update.

Losing weight is hard. It is hard to choose healthy food or to say no to free junk food, especially when you’re stressed like I’ve been. This past week I’ve been freaking out about my Capstone project. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before. I’m essentially starting a kitten foster program at my school. The kittens are coming tomorrow, so I’ve had to put a lot of work into getting everything ready. We actually still aren’t 100% ready because we need to get the right kitten food! *siiiigh* But it’s okay. I have that trip planned for today and then we will be ready. Everything is okay now. But last week…

Until last Thursday, I was not the president of the group. I was just the Biomed department head, but I was doing the job of the president. That stressed me out because I did not have the authority to tell the group to do their work and the president wasn’t telling them to do their work so nothing was getting done – except for what I was doing. I finally went and talked to the president, and she immediately let me become president, as long as she could be vice-president. It went a lot smoother than expected, actually.

But the days leading up to that conversation were stressful, and Blizzards were  buy one get one free at Diary Queen so I got a Blizzard on Wednesday. And two on Friday. And two more over the weekend… All the blizzards were delicious, but also the reason why I did not lose any weight this week.

I also have this problem with asking my mom “Should I have this?” and she’ll go “If you want it,” meaning it’s my choice, and I’ll go “Oh no, my mom said I have to eat it…” and then I’ll eat the thing. I reason to myself that it’s okay because my mom said it’s okay, but my mom is just giving me the freedom to make my own choices. I could always choose to not eat the thing, or to eat a healthier thing. I just… don’t.

My plan to combat this is to start telling myself “I don’t want it. I don’t need it. I won’t have it.” I’ve done this before, and I believe it did help. But I also had a boyfriend at the time, and we’ve already talked about how that affected my weight loss… Anyway, I’m going to start that mantra again. And I’ll ask myself “Am I hungry? No, so I’ll wait to eat.” If I’ve already eaten, I’ve give my stomach time to tell my brain it’s full before just going back for seconds. I’m also going to stop eating after 7:00. Thanks to both of my grandmothers, I always have dinner before 7pm, so there is no reason to be eating after that. I’m also going to stop snacking just to have something to do with my hands while I watch Netflix or YouTube. Instead, I’m going to start knitting more. I have a few projects going right now, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Hopefully, with all of these adjustments, I will get back on track and start losing weight again.


Weight Loss Journey Week 12: Just Keep Swimming

Weight: 162.8 lbs

Total Loss: 4 lbs

Today my focus has been on not giving up when I eat bad.

On Tuesday, March 21, I had home sick with a cold and really wanted cookie dough. Lucky for me, we had a pint cookie dough ice cream in the deep freezer. I planned on eating one serving, which was 250 calories, and having a salad for dinner. I opened up the carton and saw… vanilla ice cream. No cookie dough in sight. I thought, maybe there just isn’t anything right on top. I’ll just scoop out my serving and everything should be fine. The ice cream was rock hard, so warmed it up a little bit. The sides had melted enough so that the entire pint lifted up out of the carton. And you know what I saw? Plain vanilla ice cream! No cookie dough! Then I thought I would just eat a serving out of the carton, surely there must be pieces of something in the middle. I ended up eating the entire thing, all 1000 calories, in search of the cookie dough. I found just four or five measly pieces. But it was worth it.

After that, I ate whatever I wanted, and ended up eating about 3,000 calories worth of food throughout the entire day.

The rest of the week wasn’t as bad as that, but it still wasn’t the best. I kept just wanting to give in and eat everything. But I didn’t.

Even though I did have more high calories days than I wanted, I didn’t eat absolutely everything I wanted to. I got more on track as the week went on, and I ended up still losing a pound.

The moral of this story? Don’t give up. When you cheat, instead of beating yourself up and/or quitting, just say ‘ok, that wasn’t the best decision, but I know I can make better choices if I keep trying.” We all stumble on our way to our goals. We just have to remember that we can always pick ourselves up and keep going.

Weight Loss Journey Week 11: Gotta Gain It To Lose It

Weight: 163.6

Gained 2.8 pounds over spring break

Even though I had a week with no school, I still had no time to really plan out this post, as per usual, so I’m just going to do whatever comes to mind about how this last week went.

The first three days of spring break were great. I was exercising and eating well. I was still losing weight. Then Pi Day, March 14, came around. I had pizza and made three cookie pies. The next five days were high calories days, which is a nice way of saying I ate a lot. I ate my cookie pies and ice cream. I had candy during family movies. I did have grilled chicken when we went out to eat, but I also had a butt load of mozzarella sticks and rolls.

So now I am way off where I should be at this point, and I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about it. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we need to treat ourselves from time to time. We shouldn’t feel bad about having fun with our family over good foods. We shouldn’t cheat every day, and not with every meal, but sometimes and perfectly okay.

Spring break is over, I’m back at school. This should make it easier to eat well, since don’t eat at home. Breakfast and lunch are supplied by school, and dinner comes from my grandmother. I always have a few choices with each meal, but all the choices are healthy and portioned out for me.

This makes me wonder about what will happen in college, when it is up to me to decide what I want. I will really have to start disciplining myself when I am not at school to practice making good choices. Most weekends I am able to make good choices, but it can be hard when my mom bakes, or it’s someone’s birthday, or when we go see a movie, or when my siblings are stressing me out. At college there is going to be a lot of free junk food, unlimited junk food in the cafeteria, and a  lot of new stress. I will need to really make an effort to eat salad even when I want to cry over fried chicken and ice cream. I will have to learn to ration the free sweets.

I have no doubt that I can do this, it’s just a matter of wanting to.

And I mean, you have to gain it to lose it, so why not get that ice cream…

Weight Loss Journey Week 10: It’s The Little Things

Weight: 160.8 lbs

Total Net Loss: 7.2 lbs

Today I have a list of little things you can do in your day to day life to help you lose weight. I do all of these things myself as well.

  • Brush your teeth after every meal
    • This will deter you from snacking between meals, thus reducing the overall amount of calories you consume
    • It will also make your dentist happy
  • Plan your meals
    • If you plan out what you are going to eat that day or week, you will be less likely to just grab whatever is cheapest and easiest
    • Stock up on easy but healthy meals, such as Lean Cuisine meals, boxes of quinoa rice, or organic soups
    • Make one big meal over the weekend, enough for that day and a few meals during the week
  • Use smaller plates
    • By using smaller plates and bowls, you will reduce the amount of food you eat at one time
    • You will also feel like you are eating more because you can tell yourself ‘Look at how full my plate is! This is so much food!’ Mind over matter
  • Do TV Workouts
    • Get in some exercise while you watch TV
    • If you watch cable, Hulu, or anything with commercials you can do any activity of your choice during the commercials
    • You can also look up workouts specific to the show you’re watching, the ones that say ‘Every time they say this, do this’ For example, a part of the House workout says to do five butt kicks every time the word ‘drugs’ is said, and five jumping jacks every time they say ‘surgery’
  • Do household chores
    • Believe it or not, just doing chores can burn a lot of calories, as long as you don’t sit down
    • You can look up exactly how many calories each chore burns
    • Losing weight is just the motivation you needed to tackle all that laundry and vacuuming
  • Make an effort to walk more
    • If you need to go somewhere that is within walking distance of your house, just walk or bike there
    • Walk up and down every aisle at the grocery store to get those steps in

Weight Loss Journey Week 9: WWPP App Vs Counting Calories App

Weight: 162.8 lbs

Total Net Loss: 5.2 lbs

Today I would like to compare the Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator app and MyNetDiary app.

In the past, using the WWPP Calculator helped me lost a bit of weight. I don’t remember exactly how much, but it was enough to say that it was a success. I started using it again this year, and only lost 2 pounds in just as many months.

First – what is the WWPP Calculator? It is a free app, though there is a paid version. In the app you put in your age, weight, height, and gender and it will tell you how many points you should get in a day. You can also manually enter the number of points you want. I always did 30 points, since that gave me 10 points a meal. To log your points you have three options. One, enter the fat, carbs, fiber and protein content of one serving of your food, and it will give you the points. Then you put the name of the food and add it to your food list. In your food list you can log foods that you have already entered, but the free version only saves a certain number of foods in your list. You can also just enter the name and point value of a food if you already know the value. When I use this app, I keep a note on my phone that has all of my foods with point values.

I liked this app, it was easy to use. But it didn’t really motivate me at all. Some days I would just say ‘screw it’ and not log my food for the rest of the day. On those days I almost always ate bad. But, with the MyNetDiary app, I’ve had more good days than bad.

I found this app while doing research about counting calories a few weeks ago. I downloaded it and fell in love. This app is so easy to use and the free version has so many amazing features.

You start by putting in your height, weight, age, gender, the weight you want to be, and the date you want to be that weight by. The app then tells you how many calories a day you need to have to meet that goal. But, if you try to put in something that you hurt you, like losing ten pounds in a week or twenty five pounds in three months, it automatically changes your goal date. I was so confused by this at first. How come it changes my 25 lbs by May 31st to 25 lbs by June or July (I can’t remember the exact date it set)? Finally I saw where it told me that trying to lose that much in that time would put me in a bad spot. You see, everyone burns a certain number of calories every day. This is called your Basic Metabolic Rate, or BMR. The average BMR for women is 1,493 calories and for men it is 1,662. If you get less than your BMR, you are not getting enough calories to sustain your day to day living. That is not good for losing weight (and keeping it off) and for living in general. It also tells you recommended goals for fat, carb, and protein intake. Once you have your daily allowances settled, you log your meals. What I love about MyNetDiary is that it already has a HUGE food database for you to use, and it saves all of the foods that you add to it. It also gives you a wide variety of health and exercise tips on your dashboard, as well as a bar graph of how you’ve done the previous days.

I have lost 3 pounds in one week just by counting calories with this app. It is so easy to use and it gives me tips and feedback that are really useful. If you are trying to manage your weight, I highly recommend using MyNetDiary.

Weight Loss Journey Week 8: General Update

Weight: 165.2

Heyo! I am very sorry for being so late with this post, it has been a crazy past few days. As a result, I didn’t really have anything planned for this week’s post, so I’m just going to give a general update.

Last week I met with my gym teacher. She told the class that if we wanted help with anything health wise she would like to meet with us, so I told her I wanted help losing weight and getting healthier and we set a time to meet. Before the meeting, however, she had me track everything I ate for a few days. Here are the records of that:

6:20 am Dannon Light And Fit Greek Yogurt, Strawberry Cheesecake flavor (2 WWPP)
8:37 am School breakfast sausage link (2), corn muffin (2), apple sauce (1)
20 min walk around track
1:00 pm School lunch cooked veggie salad (0), pear (0)
3:27 pm Lofthouse Sugar Cookie  (4)
3:40 pm Dove Milk Chocolate With Caramel, 1 Piece (1)
5:45 pm 1 slice of pizza, 3 pizza crusts
5:50 pm Spoon of sugar free cool whip
6:00 pm Two Girl Scout Lemonades

7:45 am Dannon Light And Fit Greek yogurt, Strawberry Cheesecake flavor
7:50 am Peanut butter crackers
~45 Min bike ride
2.5 hours laundry and yard work
12:37 pm Cup of lemonade, one crousaunt, one mild cheddar slice, one provolones, five black forest ham slices
12:47 pm pretzels and raisins
12:54 Half cup of banana milk
1:43 pm Sugar cookie
1:47 lick of chocolate icing
1:51 2 sugar cookies with chocolate icing and M&Ms
15 min walk
5:22 pm 1/4 Lipton Diet Green Tea, 2 Cups salad (ice berg lettuce, spinach, 2 tbsp Shredded cheese), Dannon Light And Fit Greek yogurt Toasted coconut, Gogo Squeez apple peach, HEB Organic frogeez
15 min walk
6:40 pm One mini brownie with mini M&Ms

7:42 am Dannon Light And Fit Greek strawberry Cheesecake yogurt, peanut butter crackers
WORKOUT about 30 mins (50 squats, 30 butterfly situps, 7 wide pushups, 8 close pushups, 60 bike crunches – 3 rounds. 100 jumping jacks.)
9:27 am 2 eggs, 2 smoked peppered turkey slices, 2ish tbsp cheese, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 toast with margarine, 1 Cup milk
10:15 am 2 mini powdered donuts
1:44pm 2 logans rolls, one loaded potato skin, one mozzarella stick
1:56 pm Salad (lettuce, cheese, tomato, cucumber, croutons)
2:00 pm baby roll
2:07 pm baby roll and big roll
2:10 Grilled chicken, rice pilaf, Mashed taters with white gravy
4:29 pm Royal Reeces brownie blizzard
6:40 pm Salad  (iceberg lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes
8:10 pm M&M cookie crumbs

7:17 am Applesauce, peanut butter crackers
30 min workout (squats, push ups (half wide, half close), lunges,  tricep curls, chin ups. 20 each, then 18, then 16, etc)
9:17 am One chia and hemp cinnamon raisin waffle
9:24 am a few raisins
9:27 am another waffle
9:33 am 2 Slices smoked peppered turkey
9:41am another waffle
10:15 am fruit loop waffle
10:45 One sweet tart
12:00 Salad (lettuce, spinach, tomato)
1:31 6 cheeto puffs
1:35 one mini M&M
2:00 pm logans roll and chicken tender remains
5:00 pm Grilled chicken salad and a few potato wedges
8:00 pm Two mini powdered donuts
8:10 pm fruit loops doughnut

6:17 am two cherry tomatoes
7:25 am chik fil a Grilled egg and cheese muffin
~30mins walking
12:50 am half a sandwich  (ham, lettuce, tomato, mustard, 1/4 of bun), apple sauce, Cheesestick, cheddar frogeez
6:00 pm cheetos, chicken lo mein, two fortune cookies, 3 or 4 mini powdered donuts, homemade M&M blizzard
~10 min bike ride

And that was the end. Before I go any further, I would like to point out this was NOT a normal weekend. It was a family fun weekend, and I was not about to deprive myself during a family fun weekend. I was also not counting Weight Watchers Points anymore. I was finding that I wasn’t really losing weight doing the points. The fact that I wasn’t really watching my sugar intake probably had something to do with it, but I still wanted to try something different. So I got the MyNetDiary app.

I downloaded the app the night before I talked to my coach. During our conversation, she brought up things like a calorie deficit and counting carbs. Things that this app tracks for me. Coach was really impressed with this app. Everything she wanted me to do this app did. Today was the fourth full day of using this app, and I really like it. It has a huge food database, but it is also very easy to input my own foods. It tells me how much fat, carbs, and protein I should be getting and it tracks it. It also tells me how much weight I’ll lose in a week if I keep doing what I’m doing, and how many calories I should get in a day to lose the amount I want by the date I want. This app told me that getting to 140 by May 31st is actually not the healthiest option at this point, and I had to adjust it to a more healthy goal. Now I want to be 145 lbs by June 9th, my birthday.

So far I’ve only lost a few ounces, but I’ve also only used this app for a few days. Next week I’ll be able to give a better review of how it’s going.

Weight Loss Journey Week 7: Partner Workouts

Weight: 154.4

I did take the measurements I promised I would start doing last week, but I’m doing this post on my phone so I can’t insert the table. Next week, however, I will have the chart! Now onto this weeks topic.

Partner Workouts are extremely underrated. I’m honestly not sure how it goes down in the ‘real world,’ but in highschool most students don’t look forward to partner workout days. At my school, partner Workouts means finding a person you don’t despise and splitting 100 jumping jacks between you, then 90 squats then 80 something else all the way down to 10. Depending on how you split up the numbers and who you’re with, this can be either fun or really terrible, especially for introverts such as myself.

From ninth to eleventh grade, I didn’t really talk to people outside of my extremely small circle of two friends. So if neither of them were in my gym class, or if they partnered with each other, I had to partner with the other person who couldn’t find someone. That always made for an awkward class, as I was really shy and always nervous around people I wasn’t familiar with. This year, however, things have started to change.

Outside of gym, I’ve expanded my social circle way past just two other people. That means that in gym, partnering up is a lot less awkward. As a result, I’ve come to realize how underrated partner workouts are.

Instead of being super bummed out when I’m not with my one friend, I make an effort to be friendly with other people. I do still have one go-to partner, but I really try not to cling to her. I’ve partnered with a girl that I haven’t talked to since seventh grade. I’ve partnered with someone I’ve never really talked to. I really enjoyed both of those experiences. Working out together was a chance to bond in a unique way. Instead of just talking about meaningless topics, we support each other through the pain. We learn what kind of support helps the other person the most. We learn about their physical strengths and weaknesses. We both learn how much farther we can push ourselves with support. That is why working out with a partner should get more love than it does.

When you workout with someone else, whether it’s a workout for two people or not, you both do so much better than you would on your own. With someone by your side, you are held more accountable. You are pushed to do just one more, just a little farther. You are creating a bond with someone that you can’t create in any other circumstance.

How can I speak so confidently about this? Well, because I know from experience.