“Evermore” A Poem


The pain of realizing

He let me leave

Despite promising

To never let me go

Not because he didn’t love me

But because he did


The pain of knowing

That he might not know

I left him

Because I loved him

Way too much


The pain of wondering

Why it took me so long

To realize these things


“Contrast” A Poem

Must have been quite the sight

Princess dress and converse
Bright purple helmet and black Mountain bike
Dress tucked underneath in the back and freely flowing in the frony
Racing down empty streets and slow going up busy ones

Yeah, must have been quite the sight

“The Magic of Christmas”

The Magic of Christmas

Going into the holiday

There was no feeling of magic

As there had been in years past

No rush of excitement or anticipation

It seemed it was going to be

Just another day

This is the consequence of growing up
On the morning of the Eve

A few simple gifts

Were under the tree

Watching others open them

The magic of Christmas came back

In a new and better form

This is the benefit of growing up

Nice (10/19/16)

Nice (10/19/16)


Is that all I am?


A feel good activity


Do I care

That they’ve never

Seem to think of me otherwise?


A chance to make another’s day



Is that all they see?


Maybe I’ll have my day made too


Do I care

That they don’t

See any deeper than that?


I write on everyone I can


Is that my label?


Holding still when I’m told


Do I care

That I am so

Uncomplicated in their eyes?


Wondering who I’ll write on next



Is that what I give off?


The activity ends


Do I care

That they don’t know

How much pain I keep inside?


All the papers are full of touching words



Is that all I am?

Except mine

Do I care?

The answer

Is yes