Weight Loss Journey Week 9: WWPP Vs Counting Calories

Weight: 162.8 lbs. Total Net Loss: 5.2 lbs

Today I want to talk about counting Weight Watchers Points Plus versus counting calories, fats, carbs, and protein.


“Heavy Metal” / PoP 13

Heavy Metal


The remedy

You need

Is music


Not the soft,

Lovey dovey kind


Not the fast,

hip- hop kind


Nothing other than

Heavy metal


The guitar

Sews up the holes


The drums

Are pats on the back


The loud voices

Distract from the noise of life


And then

When you’ve calmed

You can pray to the One

Who can provide healing

That lasts longer than a song

“What Separates Us Is Gone” A Poem

What Separates Us Is Gone 
Oh, the joy I feel
In knowing
That the span of time
That separates us
Is drawing
To a close

Years to months
Months to weeks
Weeks to days
Days to hours
Hours to minutes
Minutes to seconds
Seconds to now

Now we are together
For the span of time
That separated us
Has drawn to a close

Oh the joy I feel
In knowing
That the distance
That separates us
Is disappearing

Kilometers to hectometers
Hectometers to decameters
Decameters to meters
Meters to decimeters
Decimeters to centimeters
Centimeters to millimeters
Millimeters to here

Here we embrace
For the span of distance
That separated us
Has disappeared

Oh, the joy I feel
In knowing
That thanks to love
And always
The time
The distance
That separates us
Is gone

No matter how long it is
Until we see each other again
No matter how far apart we are
From each other’s arms
We are not alone
For love
Has demolished
That which separates us

“Search For Me” A Poem

Search for me

In depths

Of the sea


Search of me

In the blinding heat

Of desert


Search for me

In the cold air

Of the sky


Search for me

In the dancing grass

Of the plain


Search for me

In the flowing waters

Of the river


Search for me

In the delicate flowers

Of the meadow


Search for me

Everywhere you go

And you shall find me

Waiting at the end

“But Mostly Of Each Other”, A Poem


(girl)                                                               (both)                                                                                (boy)

Holding each other

Laying on our sides

She has one arm wrapped around me

Her other hand rests on my shoulder

His arms wrap around me

His hands pressed to my back

Let’s stay here


I gently hiss her

But she pulls away

With talk of the future

I have so many questions

When will we marry?

Where will we live?

How many kids do we want?

So many questions

I answer patiently

Stealing kisses

Here and there

And countering with my own questions

Is there anything we can’t do now

That you will want to try when we’re married?

I smile to myself

I can tell

He thinking “less talk, more kiss”

But talking like this is nice

I am happy

We both see us married

In the future

After college is what we decided

But can’t we plan later?

I finally give in

And shut up

I roll over

My back to his front

His arms hugging my waist

His face nestled in my neck

She leans into me

Her hands on mine

I drink in her scent

And we dream

Of now


Of the future

But mostly

Of each other

“I Am From (My Mother’s POV)” A Poem Written for Fall 2015 Creative Writing Final

I Am From (My Mother’s POV)


I am from a hectic household

Two parents, three children, cats

Never enough space or silence


I am from unloving parents

Who yelled and yelled

Cast out and never cared


I am from straight As

A ghetto, unchallenging school

Is no match for a natural genius


I am from poverty

Cheap, hand-me-down clothes

Never enough food or school supplies


I am from hard work

Earning money

For wanted nice clothes and books


I am from severe insecurity

Near physical death from anorexia

Near emotional death from feeling unloved


I am from moving on

Pushing forward

And letting go